aeterna nourishing line

Moisturizing line specific for dry and dehydrated skins. With the natural actives originally from the DOP extra-virgin organic olive oil signed Cuore Verde, from hundred-years-old olive trees on the hills of Spello. To recreate the natural hydration of the skin, soften and protecting it with a natural micro defense that keeps the correct moisture of your epidermis.

Aeterna Line

Pulchra Anit-aging line

Everything starts with a grape rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and anti-free radicals. In the bottle, it becomes the Sagrantino by Caprai, voted best Italian wine over the years. On mature skin it creates a revitalizing action that hydrates and regenerates, encouraging cell renewal due to its repairing and restructuring properties.


Zafaran, the 100% organic luxury line that is based on saffron, rare and precious ingredient, whose cultivation requires patience and sacrifice. A flower that in its pistils contains some extraordinary lighting and antioxidant properties known from ancient times.
From the town of Cascia in Umbria, area of excellence for its production where the cultivation belongs to a century-old tradition, we take the best saffron for our cosmetics.

Subasio Orchid


In the heart of Umbria, among Apennines Mount Subasio rises, and here in this pristine land you can find wild plants rich in unique and special principles. Right from here Subasio line came to life, pure lines as natural as the earth from which it takes its name.


Formulated and designed to give a regenerating effect and be a targeted treatment for all those skin types that need to be revitalized, detoxifying and re-establishing a balance with the natural beauty of your face.

Subasio Detox Treatment

subasio detox treatment

Detoxifying and purifying treatment. Containing Thistle, Lemon and Burdock, it provides deep cleaning, and skin balancing, while Jojoba Oil maintains and enhances skin hydration.
The addition of Wild Orchid, stimulates natural cell regeneration, resulting in a revitalized and refreshed appearance.

Acqua di Spello

The line of perfumes was created to retrace the steps of the Infiorate di Spello, enclosing them in a sensorial experience. Three different fragrances that tell the three most important moments: the flowering, the harvest and the day of the Infiorata itself.

Acqua di Spello


Protect biodiversity, not to pollute, protecting ecosystems trying to maintain the delicate balance of our planet, these are some of the principles to be followed to obtain a truly organic product.